La India hará ilegal la tenencia de Bitcoin

La India está a punto de aprobar un proyecto de ley draconiano que criminalizaría la posesión de criptodivisas.

Representaría la mayor ofensiva contra las criptomonedas

Se espera que la India apruebe un proyecto de ley que criminalice las criptodivisas, según un informe de Reuters que cita a un funcionario del gobierno no identificado. Además de hacer ilegal el comercio y la minería de Bitcoin Code, también prohibiría su posesión.

Los inversores en criptodivisas podrán cobrar sus ganancias en medio año sin enfrentarse a ninguna repercusión legal. Aún no está claro si el draconiano proyecto de ley incluirá penas de prisión obligatorias para quienes no cumplan la ley.

Aunque se desconocen los detalles del proyecto de ley, representaría la mayor ofensiva contra las criptomonedas de cualquier economía importante. Aunque los activos digitales están prohibidos en China desde septiembre de 2017, los chinos pueden seguir teniendo criptodivisas legalmente.

Por desgracia para la industria local de las criptomonedas, se espera que el proyecto de ley reciba luz verde, ya que el partido del primer ministro Narendra Modi cuenta con una amplia mayoría.

La prohibición de Bitcoin en la India es tan de 2019

A principios de 2019, un panel del gobierno publicó un proyecto de ley que recomienda una pena de cárcel de hasta 10 años para cualquier persona que mine, tenga, transfiera o emita criptodivisas. Sigue siendo legal poseer criptoactivos en la India.

El Banco de la Reserva de la India (RBI) prohibió a las empresas financieras negociar con los intercambios de criptodivisas en abril de 2018. Esta prohibición fue posteriormente anulada por el Tribunal Supremo el pasado mes de marzo.

Sin embargo, la India renovó su plan para introducir una ley que prohíba el comercio de criptomonedas el pasado mes de septiembre.

Como informa U.Today, el banco central de la India también está trabajando en una rupia digital.

Journalducoin 3.0 – The return of Hellmouth (Le) Banner and the promotion of Grégory

I have the honor to make public 2 major news for the Journal du Coin. Hellmouth is back with us and takes on the duties of editor-in-chief, a mission previously assigned to Grégory Guittard. Grégory gives up his place for the better, since he will take my own role by becoming director of publication.

The return of the evil boxer

Hellmouth Banner is known in the French-speaking crypto world, in particular for its quality of challenger of the verb. Entered the media in December 2019, his style and his pen will be noticed very early. Like a Jérôme Le Banner, he therefore innervated the ecosystem of crypto punchlines and fine and controlled puns.

Hellmouth demonstrated in particular an immoderate pleasure for the denunciation of scams in the medium, always in a documentary mastery and a talented licked humor. His investigations were so noticed that they gave us the opportunity to engage in some legal skirmishes with certain projects denounced. And be careful! This was not to defend frivolous maximalist theses, such as “ETH is a scam” or “XRP is a scam” . They were swindlers acting shamelessly, with tens of millions of dollars in their pockets, for which Hellmouth (but also Gregory on the margins) spent dozens of hours putting together real investigation files .

He took off a year later to take the reins of another medium, which he changed from 0 to 1. He continued to unleash passions there thanks to his skillful pen. This allowed him in the process to build, independently of us, a solid experience of media builder .

He is now coming home and taking the editor-in-chief’s crown . He will directly lead our nuclear heart, the entire team of content producers who are the tip of the sword in our value creation process. He will also participate, alongside the new publication director, in the definition and execution of the entire editorial policy .

You probably know Grégory Guittard better . He is currently directing the media’s editorial staff, for a few more weeks, the time for a handover with Hellmouth

He has written less since taking up this post, but you have also been able to get to know him since December 2019, through high quality documented and popularized technical articles on Bitcoin ( „How to paralyze the Lightning Network?“ ) and Ethereum ( “How to guess an Ethereum private key?” ), but also through more fiery articles, such as the recent publication of a column where he enjoys the offensive – and therefore very funny – comments of Jean-Claude Cheat on cryptocurrencies ( “ Bitcoin at € 31,000: ‚galet d’Etretat‘, ‚terrorist currency‘, BTC makes fun of French genius ” ).

Despite the radical decrease in the volume of article production (new role of editor-in-chief), the work done in recent years has been admirable. Managing an essay is a thankless task. No one sees you, but you have a major, essential and exhausting coordination role . Leading a writing is a very intense, demanding, persevering, consistent and rigorous mission. It was completed brilliantly. Well done !

His new duties as director of publication will have several important consequences. I entrust to him in particular, with this role, all the weight of the duties inherent in the legal responsibility of the contents published in our media.

While legal responsibility can knock on the door, there is another, more informal one. It is just as important (if not more), knocks on the door much more often and generates even more dilemmas. I’m talking about ethical responsibility and the need to always align publication with our values. These new missions will require lucidity and courage.

Async-programmerbar kunstplatform sikrer over $ 2 mio. I frøfinansiering

Async Art ønsker at lede den programmerbare kunstbevægelse med en ny finansieringsrunde.

Async Art, en ikke- svampelig tokenplatform i Silicon Valley , har sikret mere end $ 2 millioner i frøfinansiering fra mindst 10 investorer, hvilket fremhæver den voksende værdi af programmerbar kunst

Virksomheden annoncerede den nye rejse onsdag og fremhævede Asyncs hurtige vækst siden lanceringen i februar 2020. I sit første driftsår genererede Async over 1 million dollars i kunstsalg og lancerede en smart TV-app til visning af digital kunst.

Selvom virksomheden ikke specificerede, hvordan det ville bruge midlerne, angav det, at det primære fokus var at opstille nye brugere og oprette nye skærme. Bitcoin Bank søger også at udvide sine jobåbninger. I øjeblikket sin LinkedIn side har åbninger til en community manager og anvendelse udvikler.

Mindst 10 investorer deltog i seed-runden: Lemniscap, Galaxy Interactive, Signum Growth Capital, Semantic, Blue Wire Capital, Collab + Currency, Inflection, Divergence Ventures, LAO og Placeholder.

Async beskrev programmerbar kunst som en „ny bevægelse“, der gør det muligt for skabere at „dekonstruere deres arbejde til ‚Lag‘ og give dem evner.“

Lemniscap, en af ​​Async Art’s primære investorer, beskrev medierne som den næste grænse for forstyrrelse:

„Ved at muliggøre det fælles ejerskab af kunstværker og dynamisk indflydelse på deres udseende vender Async Art det eksisterende kunstbegreb på hovedet og baner vejen for en helt ny kategori af programmerbare medier.“

Async var også med i Christie’s, et stort auktionshus, der planlægger at tilbyde selvstændige NFT-værker senere på denne måned. Noah Davis, en Christies kunstspecialist , sagde for nylig, at NFT’er har „set en hurtig opstigning i de sidste par år – især de sidste par måneder.“

Async afslørede også Matt Kanes „Right Place & Right Time“ -kunst i marts 2020, som hjalp ham med at tjene en plads i Cointelegraph Top 100 . Kunstværket, der udvikler sig dynamisk som reaktion på Bitcoin ( BTC ) prisvolatilitet, betragtes som et mesterværk i den nye NFT-niche.

Co-President confirms: „JPMorgan will get into Bitcoin at some point“

Although the demand from its own clients is not there yet, Daniel Pinto is confident that JPMorgan will invest in Bitcoin „someday“.

The influential American investment bank JPMorgan Chase will sooner or later have to invest in Bitcoin ( BTC ), as its own co-president now believes

Compared with CNBC said the member of the management board on Friday that entry and entry point of JPMorgan in Crypto Code above all by the demand of the clients of the investment bank depend. Although this demand is not yet sufficiently high, Pinto is confident:

“If over time this develops into an asset class that is used by all investors and asset managers, then we have to step in at some point. I don’t see a corresponding demand yet, but I’m sure that it will come at some point. “

The latest remarks by Pinto come at a time when the investment bank’s interest in Bitcoin is growing. Troy Rohrbaugh, head of international markets at JPMorgan, admitted in an internal Zoom conference that more and more employees are asking about their company’s plans for Bitcoin. Pinto is said to have been open to the market-leading crypto currency for a long time.

The sudden interest is ironic in a certain way, however, as CEO Jamie Dimon is actually known for his negative attitude towards Bitcoin. In 2017, he described the crypto market leader as a “hoax” that could only be compared to the “tulip mania”. At that time, Bitcoin was still at $ 3,500 , a few months later the cryptocurrency reached its previous record high of $ 20,000.

Although this was followed by a longer slack, Bitcoin was able to surpass JPMorgan’s market capitalization in November 2020 when it achieved its own market value of 352 billion US dollars.

Shortly before, Dimon had criticized the cryptocurrency again

JPMorgan analysts have again sent mixed signals over the past few months. So some experts the company had a long-term doubling or even tripling the Bitcoin course in October 2020 predicted , prompting her colleagues John Normand and Federico Manicardi little later countered that Bitcoin is the least reliable means of coverage at all.

Senate Finance Committee votes in favour of Janet Yellen

US: Senate Finance Committee votes in favour of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary

The Senate Finance Committee has unanimously approved the nomination of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary: she could soon become the first woman to hold this position.

Janet Yellen, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, is now very close to the post of US Treasury Secretary.

The Senate Finance Committee voted unanimously to approve Yellen’s nomination, setting the stage for a full vote on the Senate floor. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley hopes the GOP endorsement signals „bipartisan“ support for the new Democratic administration.

Fellow Republicans said they supported Yellen despite Immediate Edge disagreeing with many of her policy positions. The general consensus was that she was exceptionally qualified for the job.

Committee members had hoped for a Senate vote to confirm Yellen’s nomination on Friday, but that has yet to happen

If elected Treasury Secretary, Yellen would become a key member of President Biden’s cabinet team: she would act as a principal adviser on economic issues and fiscal policy. She would also be the first woman to hold the position.

At her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Yellen called for „big action“ to respond to the Covid-19 crisis:

„Economists don’t always agree, but I think there’s a lowest common denominator now: without further action, we risk a longer and more painful recession now, and long-term damage to the economy later.“

Yellen led the Federal Reserve between 2014 and 2018, becoming the first woman to do so. Under her leadership, the central bank made an initial attempt to normalise monetary policy, an initiative that was later abandoned by Jerome Powell.

The cryptocurrency industry followed Yellen’s appointment process closely, as she expressed mixed views on cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, she promoted Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets, saying they represent an important innovation in global payments; on the other, she expressed fears about the role of cryptocurrencies in money laundering and illicit financing.

The last days of the Trump administration caused major concerns in the crypto sector, after then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to impose new regulations for self-directed cryptocurrency wallets.

On his first day in office, President Biden imposed a blanket freeze on all regulations pending review: in doing so, he blocked many decisions put in place by the Trump administration, including those on crypto wallets.

Käynnissä oleva Bitcoin Run on ajanut altcoineja tuntemattomalle alueelle

Muiden salausmarkkinoiden ohella bitcoin konsolidoituu tänään muutaman päivän voimakkaan turbulenssin jälkeen.

Maailman johtava kryptovaluutta on toipunut äskettäisen massiivisen myynnin jälkeen, kun se laski alle 40 000 dollariin sen jälkeen, kun härät astuivat sisään ja absorboivat myyntipaineen, mikä mahdollisti BTCUSD : n nousun korkeammalle.

Tämän artikkelin kirjoittamisen jälkeen lippulaiva-salauksen kauppa on 40414 dollaria CoinMarketCapin tietoja kohti.

Vaikka BTC: n nousutrendi onkin hidastunut jossain määrin, kuningasraha on vaikuttanut sijoittajiin noususuuntauksella, jonka on nähty nousevan kaksinkertaisesti kaikkien aikojen korkeimpaan.

Viimeaikainen jalka korkeammalla on vain varmistanut, että useammat silmät kääntyvät Crypto Profit, ulottuen Wall Streetistä vähittäiskauppaan. BTC: n arvo näyttää nousevan vielä korkeammaksi tulevina viikkoina ja kuukausina, koska sen kovakoodattu harvinaisuus aiheuttaa edelleen tarjontaishokkia nousevan globaalin inflaation keskellä.

Altcoins kasvaa USD-arvona

Kun bitcoin nousee edelleen korkeammalla täysimittaisella parabolisella rallilla, jota kasvaa ostopaine, monet sijoittajat ovat kääntyneet halvempien altcoiinien puoleen.

Tulos lisääntyneestä pääomanvirtauksesta BTC-vaihtoehtoihin on ollut näkyvä nousutrendi ja hintojen nousu USD-parien tärkeimmille altcoineille kuten ETH, ADA ja LINK.

Jatkuva altcoin-nousutrendi hellittämättömän BTC-rallin takana ei ole mikään, mitä on todettu aiempina vuosina. Suuntaus on saanut yhden analyytikoiden väittämään, että salausmarkkinat ovat tällä hetkellä „tuntemattomalla alueella“.

„BTC ajaa altcoin-markkinoita tuntemattomalla alueella. USD-parit kuuntelevat, kun taas BTC-parit jauhavat edelleen alimmillaan. Tätä ei ole aiemmin tapahtunut tällaisessa makrotasossa ”, analyytikko twiittasi .

ETH: n kasvot kohensivat myyntipaineita lähellä $ 1 300

Sillä välin ETH-hinta on vakiintunut ja ajautunut hieman matalammaksi sen jälkeen, kun härät kamppailivat saadakseen huomattavaa vauhtia 1200 dollarin puolivälissä. Jokainen työntö kohti 1 300 dollaria on herättänyt useita hylkäyksiä, ja myyntipaine on osoittautunut voimakkaaksi.

Yksi analyytikko ennustaa, että sonnit voivat olla hyvässä asemassa katalysoimaan edelleen ylöspäin tulevina päivinä ja viikkoina.

Elinkeinonharjoittaja SmartContractor teki äskettäin tapauksen ETH: n kohdentamisesta alemmalle 2000 dollarin alueelle keskipitkällä aikavälillä ja lisäsi, että hän ei olisi yllättynyt, jos kolikko nousee paljon korkeammalle.

Crypto Lawyer voit l’arrivée de la présidence de la SEC comme une victoire pour Bitcoin, pas pour XRP

Jake Chervinsky pense que le nouveau président de la SEC sera un partisan de Bitcoin.

Une approbation Bitcoin ETF suivra plus probablement la nomination de Gensler.

Ripple est toujours menacé par la SEC

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Jake Chervinsky, avocat général de Compound Finance et coprésident du groupe DeFi à la Blockchain Association, estime que l’introduction de Gary Gensler en tant que nouveau président de la SEC sera une étape positive pour Bitcoin à long terme.

SEC devient Pro-Bitcoin

S’exprimant sur Twitter, Chervinsky a commenté ce qui, selon lui, se produirait si Gensler devenait président de la SEC. L’avocat explique qu’il pense que Gensler conduirait des politiques en faveur de Bitcoin.

Il est largement rapporté que le président nouvellement élu Joe Biden nommera Gesler au poste de président de la SEC. Un mouvement qui apaiserait probablement la communauté crypto.

Bitcoin Bon, Ripple Bad?

Gensler a une vision positive des crypto-monnaies et de l’adoption de la blockchain, allant jusqu’à appeler Bitcoin la forme moderne de l’or. Il est également connu pour ses cours sur la blockchain et le Bitcoin au MIT.

Chervinsky a commenté la nomination potentielle de Gensler en ajoutant que Gensler „comprend profondément la cryptographie et soutient fortement Bitcoin depuis des années.“

Chervinsky pense en outre que la nomination entraînera un changement de politique en faveur d’un fonds négocié en bourse (ETF) Bitcoin .

Gensler a également déclaré précédemment qu’il existe de solides arguments selon lesquels XRP est une sécurité, ce qui pourrait signifier que les malheurs actuels et les récentes accusations portées contre Ripple par la SEC resteront.

Poursuivant le processus de réflexion, Chervinsky a expliqué que Gensler aurait peut-être changé d’avis sur XRP fonctionnant comme une sécurité. Cependant, les chances qu’un nouveau président (qui n’était pas présent pour l’enquête) annule la décision de la SEC seraient peu probables.

O valor de mercado da criptografia chega a um lance de US $ 1 trilhão

Em 3 de janeiro de 2021, o mercado de criptografia atingiu uma nova valorização máxima de todos os tempos.

Com US $ 910 bilhões, a classe de ativos de moeda digital chegou perto do benchmark de US $ 1 trilhão.

O domínio do Bitcoin também subiu para uma alta de três anos, fixando-se em 68%

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The Trust Project é um consórcio internacional de organizações de notícias que criam padrões de transparência.

Em 3 de janeiro de 2021, a capitalização de mercado cumulativa de todos os criptomoedas disparou para incríveis $ 913 bilhões, um novo recorde histórico.

Pela primeira vez em quase três anos, a classe de ativos criptográficos chegou perto de uma avaliação de US $ 1 trilhão ou mais. O recorde anterior para a avaliação total do mercado de criptomoedas foi alcançado no início de 2018.

Chegando a aproximadamente $ 830 bilhões naquela época, a classe de ativos não teve a chance de cruzar o benchmark antes de passar por uma grande correção entre 2018 e 2020. Um forte ressurgimento recente, no entanto, abriu o caminho para o mercado de criptografia finalmente realizar um avaliação de US $ 1 trilhão.

Bitcoin agora é o nono ativo mais valioso do mundo

Principais ativos por valor de mercado: AssetDash

De acordo com o AssetDash, um site que classifica os ativos negociáveis ​​do mundo por capitalização de mercado, o Bitcoin é atualmente o nono ativo mais valioso do mundo.

A criptomoeda entrou recentemente no top 10, ultrapassando a Berkshire Hathaway e a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) apenas alguns dias atrás. Com cerca de US $ 600 bilhões, o Bitcoin está agora a poucos passos de ultrapassar até mesmo a Tesla e o Alibaba.

Notavelmente, a Berkshire Hathaway é liderada por Warren Buffett – um famoso investidor que rejeitou o Bitcoin e o mercado de criptomoedas em várias ocasiões. Em um caso, recentemente em 2018, o magnata dos negócios americano chegou a ponto de chamar o ativo digital de ‚ veneno de rato ao quadrado ‚.

Dash does not want to be a „data protection cryptocurrency“ and is criticized

After being removed by Bittrex, Dash is resisting its classification as a data protection cryptocurrency.

A new tweet by the blockchain company Dash has sparked criticism, because the associated cryptocurrency, which was previously advertised with its focus on anonymity and data protection, now emphasizes that it is as transparent as Cryptosoft review.

On January 1st, this was preceded by a tweet from the American crypto exchange Bittrex, which announced the day before yesterday that it would remove the data protection cryptocurrencies Monero, Zcash and Dash from its listing:

On December 29, the crypto trading platform had previously taken XRP out of trading after the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed an indictment against publisher Ripple. Accordingly, speculation arose that Bittrex would remove the data protection cryptocurrencies in order to prevent another sweeping blow by the authorities.

Dash then replied in a tweet that the company had requested a meeting with Bittrex. In addition, it would be wrong in terms of content to call DASH a „data protection cryptocurrency“:

However, the web archive for 2017 shows that DASH was advertised by the Dash Foundation as the “world’s first cryptocurrency with a focus on data protection”. On the current version of the website, however, there is only talk of „the leading crypto currency for payments“.

In yet another response to Bittrex’s removal, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Pay, also downplays the cryptocurrency’s privacy feature:

Because Dash is only „an offshoot of Bitcoin“, all transactions would be publicly available, just like with the crypto market leader. Even the built-in feature called PrivateSend, which is supposed to anonymize payments, wouldn’t really guarantee complete anonymity.

This tweet caused further criticism from the crypto community, but some users backed Taylor by referring to a Dash blog entry from last August that explicitly explains the data protection function of the crypto currency. In it Taylor wrote at the time that “the supervisory authorities fear that crypto exchanges cannot comply with the requirements for information collection (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) when they carry out transactions with data protection cryptocurrencies”. In order to counter the concerns of the authorities, other crypto exchanges had already removed Dash from the listing in the past.

However, this has always been a misunderstanding as Dash is often referred to as a data protection cryptocurrency, which it is not. Accordingly, the blockchain company is trying to clear up this misunderstanding:

„Through our educational work, we managed to explain the technology we were using and to convince the authorities that Dash is no greater risk than Bitcoin.“

Bitcoin w końcu trafił 22 tys. dolarów: oto, co mówią najlepsi analitycy

Cena Bitcoina (BTC) w końcu przekroczyła 22.000 dolarów wkrótce po tym, jak przekroczyła swój wszechczasowy poziom 20.000 dolarów.

W miarę jak dominująca krypto waluta wchodzi na rynek odkryć cenowych, analitycy prognozują krótkoterminowe trendy.

W najbliższym czasie, perspektywy Bitcoina pozostają oczywiście optymistyczne. Nie ma historycznego oporu i poziomu wsparcia powyżej 20 000 USD, więc nie jest pewne, jak daleko BTC będzie rosnąć do następnego szczytu.

Analitycy wskazują jednak na trzy trendy, które mogą pojawić się w wyniku silnego wzrostu BTC w ciągu jednej nocy.

Oczekuje się, że duża zmienność będzie miała zarówno negatywne, jak i negatywne skutki.

Alternatywne waluty kryptograficzne (altcoins) rozwijają się, gdy Bitcoin Trader się zatrzymuje lub konsoliduje.

Bitcoin w ciągu ostatnich 48 godzin gwałtownie wzrósł w górę. Oznacza to, że książki zamówień są cieńsze, a objętość wyższa.

Pseudonimowy inwestor znany jako „Bitcoin Jack“ powiedział, że cena BTC może „kaskadowo w górę i w dół“. Powiedział:

„Płynność jest tak sucha, że można wyczyścić stronę sprzedaży na Bitstampie jednym zleceniem kupna o wartości <650 btc lol. Oczywiście sprzedający wejdzie, zatrzymuje się itp., ale to, co próbuję powiedzieć, że książki są po raz kolejny super cienkie po tym ostatnim pchnięciu, cena może kaskadowo w górę iw dół złośliwie“.

Masowe wahania cen są coraz bardziej prawdopodobne z powodu większego otwartego zainteresowania i rosnącego napływu wielorybów.

Termin „otwarty interes“ odnosi się do całkowitej sumy wszystkich aktywnych kontraktów terminowych na rynku. Im wyższe otwarte zainteresowanie, tym więcej traderów stawia na kurs BTC na rynku instrumentów pochodnych.

Według danych CryptoQuant, łączne otwarte zainteresowanie na głównych giełdach krypto walutowych osiągnęło rekordowy poziom.

Wraz ze wzrostem zainteresowania otwartymi interesami na giełdach kontraktów terminowych wzrasta prawdopodobieństwo wystąpienia ogromnego skoku zmienności.

Wzrastają również szanse na kaskadową likwidację, co w krótkim czasie może spowodować nasilenie ruchów wzrostowych lub spadkowych.
Altcoins miałby trudny czas

Inwestorzy zaczynają szukać bardziej ryzykownych i niestabilnych gier, aby zrekompensować brak zmienności na rynku Bitcoinów.

Ale kiedy BTC zaczyna gwałtownie wzrastać od 10% do 20% w ciągu jednego dnia, wysysa wolumen i zmienność z rynku kryptokurrency.

W przewidywalnej przyszłości oznaczałoby to, że altcoiny prawdopodobnie będą walczyć z Bitcoinami. Pseudonimowy inwestor znany jako „Loma“ powiedział:

„BTC w górę ~10% i morze czerwieni dla większości par ALTBTC… Albo być w Bitcoin’ie albo spróbować szczęścia w osiągnięciu lepszych wyników. Gra jest nadal ciężka, Bitcoin imo ALTs będą mieli swój czas, ale koszt okazji to prawdziwa rzecz“.

Nawet większość krypto walut o dużej kapitalizacji, które występowały silnie podczas rajdu Bitcoin w listopadzie, takich jak Ethereum i XRP, nie osiągnęły dobrych wyników w ostatnich tygodniach.

Dopóki Bitcoin nie ustabilizuje się i nie ustanowi wyraźnego oporu i poziomu wsparcia, altcoiny mają większe szanse na stagnację wobec pary Bitcoinów.