Journalducoin 3.0 – The return of Hellmouth (Le) Banner and the promotion of Grégory

I have the honor to make public 2 major news for the Journal du Coin. Hellmouth is back with us and takes on the duties of editor-in-chief, a mission previously assigned to Grégory Guittard. Grégory gives up his place for the better, since he will take my own role by becoming director of publication.

The return of the evil boxer

Hellmouth Banner is known in the French-speaking crypto world, in particular for its quality of challenger of the verb. Entered the media in December 2019, his style and his pen will be noticed very early. Like a Jérôme Le Banner, he therefore innervated the ecosystem of crypto punchlines and fine and controlled puns.

Hellmouth demonstrated in particular an immoderate pleasure for the denunciation of scams in the medium, always in a documentary mastery and a talented licked humor. His investigations were so noticed that they gave us the opportunity to engage in some legal skirmishes with certain projects denounced. And be careful! This was not to defend frivolous maximalist theses, such as “ETH is a scam” or “XRP is a scam” . They were swindlers acting shamelessly, with tens of millions of dollars in their pockets, for which Hellmouth (but also Gregory on the margins) spent dozens of hours putting together real investigation files .

He took off a year later to take the reins of another medium, which he changed from 0 to 1. He continued to unleash passions there thanks to his skillful pen. This allowed him in the process to build, independently of us, a solid experience of media builder .

He is now coming home and taking the editor-in-chief’s crown . He will directly lead our nuclear heart, the entire team of content producers who are the tip of the sword in our value creation process. He will also participate, alongside the new publication director, in the definition and execution of the entire editorial policy .

You probably know Grégory Guittard better . He is currently directing the media’s editorial staff, for a few more weeks, the time for a handover with Hellmouth

He has written less since taking up this post, but you have also been able to get to know him since December 2019, through high quality documented and popularized technical articles on Bitcoin ( „How to paralyze the Lightning Network?“ ) and Ethereum ( “How to guess an Ethereum private key?” ), but also through more fiery articles, such as the recent publication of a column where he enjoys the offensive – and therefore very funny – comments of Jean-Claude Cheat on cryptocurrencies ( “ Bitcoin at € 31,000: ‚galet d’Etretat‘, ‚terrorist currency‘, BTC makes fun of French genius ” ).

Despite the radical decrease in the volume of article production (new role of editor-in-chief), the work done in recent years has been admirable. Managing an essay is a thankless task. No one sees you, but you have a major, essential and exhausting coordination role . Leading a writing is a very intense, demanding, persevering, consistent and rigorous mission. It was completed brilliantly. Well done !

His new duties as director of publication will have several important consequences. I entrust to him in particular, with this role, all the weight of the duties inherent in the legal responsibility of the contents published in our media.

While legal responsibility can knock on the door, there is another, more informal one. It is just as important (if not more), knocks on the door much more often and generates even more dilemmas. I’m talking about ethical responsibility and the need to always align publication with our values. These new missions will require lucidity and courage.