Women and their position on Bitcoin

In this article we’ll show you what is related to women and their position on Bitcoin.

Very important, we must break paradigms.

As the Blockchain industry becomes more widespread, women are getting involved in the market, making it no longer a business only for men. As a consequence, women are changing their position on Bitcoin. Excellent for us.

In fact, Bitcoin emerges as an opportunity to consolidate the economic independence of the female population. A woman with access to a computer, smart phone and Internet can download a wallet and save money.

First Cardano block mined by a woman

Women and Bitcoin

Indeed, a report published on December 4 by Bitcoin’s fund operator, Grayscale, suggested that 43% of the investors interested in Bitcoin are women.

Furthermore, the report showed that 80% of the women were also intrigued by Bitcoin’s potential. While 93% indicated that they would be more open to investing, if more educational resources were available.

To continue, a study published in December 2019, conducted by IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change (CGC), entitled „Crypto-Currencies and the Future of Money“. It found that women’s adoption of cryptomonies is lower than that of men. Especially in Latin American countries.

Even, according to another analysis by Heidrick & Struggles, fewer women have been chosen as CEOs in the world’s largest companies. Basically, since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, in the world of the Blockchain, more and more women are dominating new professions: investors, traders, analysts, promoters, journalists and even company heads.

In particular, few people are aware that more women are now in leadership positions in the Blockchain and crypto-currency industry.

What do women think?

The truth is, the list of female leaders in the Blockchain industry turns out to be quite long. Here are just a few examples of some women who have been changing the position on Bitcoin.

Lorena Ortiz, the founder of Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico City, is a woman of the Latin American crypto ecosystem. She believes that this economic independence is one of the great advantages of Bitcoin and that women are living a historic moment with BTC.
Fiorella Scantamburlo, the Argentinean cryptology enthusiast. She agrees that education is the force that will change paradigms in the female realm within the cryptomonie ecosystem.

Kaitlin Breitman co-founded Tezos, which raised $232 million in her ICO.
Amber Baldet, helped lead the Blockchain Center of Excellence at JPMorgan for over two years.
The implementation of the well-known Lightning Network protocol was made possible by its founder, Elizabeth Stark.
Some of the key decisions at Coinbase are by Katherine Hawn.

It should be said, that the growing interest of women in Bitcoin can be explained by the attractive investment opportunities in the market. As explained by industry entrepreneur Blockchain Nisa Amoils

„Women can earn more income through trading, investing and spending virtual Bitcoin.

Other Women Taking the Lead

According to several opinions, Blockchain is a great opportunity to gain financial independence.

Tricia Martinez launched the Blockchain Wala platform, which allows women to quickly and easily transfer small amounts of money.
Roya Mahboob and Fereshteh Forough launched Women’s Annex, which offers women the opportunity to blog and earn crypto-currencies from advertising.

World-renowned women also contribute to gender equality in the Blockchain industry, such as Baroness Michelle Mone. She launched her own crypto currency to increase women’s interest in investing in technology.
We continue with the list of women in the industry

Arianna Simpson, is the founder and current CEO of Autonomous Partners.
Connie Gallippi, is the founder and director of BitGive. An organization recognized within the Bitcoin ecosystem, for its cooperative work.
Cristina Carrascosa, lawyer and teacher at Blockchain.

„It doesn’t matter what gender you are, the important thing is what you know about Bitcoin and the value you bring.

Meena Ghyasi, founder of Criptomujer. She discovered that the Blockchain crypto currencies and technology would allow her to have her own money, without having to open a bank account.

To conclude, although there are definitely more women than you can think of in the crypt world, there are still spaces to be claimed.